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21 Dec. 5 pm 

A Christmas special.

 Known as a Robin Hood like criminal THE SAINT (Simon Templar) has been portrayed many times on TV, Radio and film over the years. Roger Moore’s 1960s TV series readily comes to mind.

This Sunday’s radio play is from a sometimes humorous 1947 series starring Vincent Price as THE SAINT. It is called THE 19 SANTA CLAUSES




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Sunday’s at 5 pm to 6 pm Paul Greaves presents YESTERDAYS TOMORROWS. A program featuring radio plays.



  Every Sunday at 5 pm come for a journey into old time and some not so old radio plays, with an emphasis on science fiction.  Plays  that captured imaginations and evoked a sense of wonder seldom experienced in today’s media.

You will be entertained and amused to see what authors and playwrights once imagined the future might hold for the human race.

There were American SF plays in the 1930s and 1940s but the first so called adult series: ‘2000 Plus’, ‘Dimension X’ and ‘X Minus One’ were in the 1950s. You can also hear some great British dramatizations such as James Follett’s EARTH SEARCH from the 1980s and the last radio show to have a bigger audience than TV,  JOURNEY INTO SPACE.   Australia Sound Screen also have some interesting archives such as an Australian play staring Leonard Teale and Ruth Cracknell called COUNT DOWN, a serialised story called THE BLACK CLOUD and an Australian radio version of the classic SF movie FORBIDDEN PLANET.

And of course America’s 1938 Orson Welles presentation of H G Well’s THE WAR OF THE WORLDS that sounded like a real news broadcast and caused some Americans, who were already in fear of an eminent 2nd world war to panic.

Other series heard on Ys-Ts are TWILIGHT ZONE,  INNER SANCTUM,  MYSTERIOUS TRAVELLER, VANISHING POINT, ALIEN WORLDS,  BEYOND TOMORROW, LUX RADIO THEATRE, EXPLORING TOMORROW, IMAGINATION THEATRE and some, one of, plays from stories written by authors like Ray Bradbury, Arthur C Clarke, John Wyndham, Jules Verne, Mark Twain, Robert Heinlein and others.

This is unique entertainment in today’s radio environment so sit back, turn down the lights, turn up your imagination and enjoy listening to YESTERDAYS TOMORROWS every Sunday at 5pm.


If you have a comment or question about any of the plays or music you hear on Yesterdays Tomorrows please feel free to send an email below.

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