Every second Thursday at 6:00pm Nathalie Gatt hosts Viva Malta

Nathalie will bring you Music by Australian Maltese artists and Maltese singers.

You can catch up on Community news pertaining to events organised by the Maltese Central Coast Social and Recreational Club and  you won’t miss out on any important news about events held in Sydney organised by the Maltese Community Council of NSW, Maltese Cultural Association of NSW and Maltese Welfare (NSW) Inc.

Listen to Interviews with Australian/Maltese people who make a difference in our community and some history about the Maltese Islands.

Viva Malta every second Thursday at 6:00pm, follow this program on our program guide.


Here are 4 traditional Maltese folktales (in English) presented with shadow puppetry, contemporary music and digital animation.  The storyteller is  accompanied by a live score that acts as a soundtrack to the stories. Ruben Zahra’s music is contemporary in style, made up of a cycle of etudes for piano solo. The animations have been developed to reflect the style of shadow puppetry. The ‘digital puppets’ are highly ornamented with decorative perforations inspired from Maltese baroque motifs, filigree and traditional lace. While the actor narrates the folktales, a video sequence is projected as a backdrop to the performance and the characters of the stories come to life on the screen.

The King who grew a Horn on his Head

Spin Spin the Bobbin

?a?an and the Statue

The Giant and the Shoemaker

 Maltese Pumpkin pie – (from the village of Mellieha)

700gms jap pumpkin cut in cubes (about 1cm cubes)

1 leek thinly sliced

425gms tuna in oil .

½ cup rice

Handful of fresh mint chopped

About 12 olives chopped

2 teaspoons capers

7 anchovies thinly sliced

Puff pastry to line and cover pie dish

Add ½ cup of water to the rice and cook in microwave for 1 minute. In the meantime mix the rest of ingredients.   I remove a couple of teaspoons of the oil in tuna  and include the rest with mixture. Remove water that has not been absorbed in the rice and add to mixture. (Do not over cook the rice as it will continue to cook in the pie)  Prepare the mixture either in the morning or night before.  Cover and refrigerate till ready to cook pie.  Grease dish and bake in a preheated oven 200 degrees.

The anchovies give  the pie a nice taste. You can use less anchovies if you are not keen on them.

Use jap pumpkin for this recipe

You can adjust the quantities the second time around to suit your taste.

It is important to  prepare ingredients  the night before or morning.


Maltese-Pumpkin-Pie-15 resized


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