Thursday, 01 October 2011 10:00

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Coast Effective Sponsorship Packages

Rates applicable from 1st October, 2011

The secret to using radio effectively is impacting your target market with
enough announcements to get attention. It is always better to use frequency
over a short time than to thinly spread the schedule over a longer period.

However, for small enterprises that can be an expensive outlay when using
a major commercial radio station.

At Coast FM our Premium Sponsorship package is 40 x 30second spots
over 7 days for $330. (incl. GST)

Introducing the DOUBLE DEAL
Limited time – limited number of clients.

Sign up for one Premium Package per month for 6 months and we’ll double
the impact at no extra charge.

In summary; for $330.00 (incl. gst) per month you’ll receive 80 x 30 second
announcements scheduled as:

Plan >>

Week One 40 x 30 seconds

Week Two Off

Week Three 40 x 30 seconds

Week Four Off

This is a 6 months contract for a total investment of $1,980.00 (incl GST)
plus production fee of $66.00 (incl gst) if applicable.
Terms: First month $330.00 + production fee payable on signing. You will be
invoiced monthly for each of the remaining 5 months of the contract.


For clients that require a more solid radio schedule to promote a special
sales event or a new business launch, we offer the “Heavy Hitter”.

40 x 30sec spots per week for 4 weeks back-to-back = $990.00(incl gst)

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