‘Said the Spider’ is a 20 minute Coast FM produced radio play first broadcast on the 14th of July 2013 and later on the Community Radio Network on the 5th and 7th of December 2013.
Towards the end of 2012 a few of us at Coast FM decided to try something different, so remembering the popularity of radio plays before the event of TV we started looking for a good radio play script. We eventually unanimously agreed on ‘Said the Spider’. We then assembled a cast (none of us are professional actors) including a nine year old girl. Listen to the credits at the end of the play for the full cast.
It took us some time to get it all together but we are now quietly pleased with our efforts and consider ‘Said the Spider’ the better of the two plays we have done so far. We hope to find some more good scripts in future but in the meantime we hope you enjoy ‘Said the Spider’.

Paul Greaves