Presenter Jean Abbott

Jean Abbott


Lived in Scotland and England; Melbourne; Shepparton, Victoria; Redhead, Newcastle and 25 years on the central coast

I am an active member of the Red Hatters; Sing Australia choir;  I enjoy Travel; Playing with the grandchildren; Reading; Sewing and Knitting.

I present Laugh Out Loud on Sunday afternoons at 4 and the EasyMix with Interviews Wednesdays at 9am  and Shake Rattle Rock and Roll on Saturday evenings on a share roster basis. I like anything and everything that makes people laugh and music from the 50s and 60s with a little knowledge of British music of that era.

I manage our CD of the week segments, selecting CD’s from independent artists for play by select presenters during weekdays. I am also a Member of the programming committee.

 JA 330 VEXPO 2014

                                                                                                       Live Broadcast from the Volunteer Expo