Melody Lounge

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Melody Lounge (Alternate Fridays at 7pm)
with Matt McCaughey

Friday nights are always great as they let us know we’ve made it to the weekend. This show tries to set the celebratory tone. Melody Lounge is a fortnightly show where the music is generally upbeat and energetic to start the celebrations of another week gone past, hosted by CoastFM’s resident music man and host of Indie Rock Café: Nowhere Matt.

 Proving to be one of the (if not, THE) most unpredictable radio shows on the waves at the moment, the Lounge has introduced many ears to many genres, from Rock to Prog, Electro to Soul and just about anything in between…seriously, there’s no limits.

 The Lounge is also a haven for up-and-coming artists who wish to get themselves noticed or simply scratch their musical itch. We’ve gladly brought in several of the Central Coast’s most passionate artists for some colorful commentary and we’ve even attracted some Sydney players over. So far, we’ve been joined by the likes of String Fiction, Molly Contogeorge, The Night, I Like Trees & Disbanded Kings, among a cast of others.

 So…for those who enjoy music against the grain to kick start their weekend, the Lounge has got you covered every second Friday from 6pm. Come on in, find a seat and grab a pair of headphones.

To hear for yourselves:

96.3 FM (Central Coast radio signal) (live stream) (iPhone, Android, etc.)