Indie Rock Cafe

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Indie Rock Café is a late night radio show on CoastFM 963, presented at CoastFM’s (fictional) Rocker’s Kitchen by the ‘Indie Rocker’ Matt McCaughey, on air every Monday night at 10pm and closing out Monday nights in style, playing an eclectic range of music in 3 courses:

Entree: Kicking of the show are the local and upstart talent (or alternatively, a new release)
Main: No strings, just timeless, music of the heart and soul (both Australia and world-wide)
Dessert: Softer, more melodic songs, and also some down tempo Electro to close out.

In fact, the show has gotten praise from several artists, such as The Rockefeller Frequency, The Kamikazi Thunderkats and also local talents Sons of Alamo, String Fiction and The Night among others. Lately, they have been starting to grow a fan base in other parts of the world, particularly the United States, having earned the praise of Massachusetts Indie band Satellites Fall. The Dude of Diversity has been able to give Eastern Australia a reason to stay up, just a little while longer on Monday nights, or providing other parts of the world an easy start to their Monday morning, or winding down their Monday afternoon. “Indie Rock Café – the show that once dared to broadcast ‘Attractive Female’”

To hear for yourselves: 96.3 FM (Central Coast radio signal) (live stream) (iPhone, Android, etc.)

For requests, well-wishes, abuse, etc.


10pm (Gosford, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane-Standard)
9pm (Tokyo, Brisbane-Daylight Savings)
8pm (Perth)
1pm (London)
8am (New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Georgia, Washington D.C., Ontario)
7am (Illinois, Michigan, Texas)
5am (California, Washington)