Did your working week start Monday buying ‘The Daily Telegraph’ newspaper on the way to work, then discarding the bulk of the newspaper and keeping the one or two hallowed green pages that were in the centre.
The ‘Green Guide’ in your hands was the pub rock live music bible for the upcoming week.
Bands that were just starting to forge a place in aussie musical history.
Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, Mi-Sex, The Radiators, INXS, Jimmy and the Boys, the list just goes on and on.
If this sounds like you, tune in to the ‘Great Aussie Pub Rock’ , every second Wednesday at 8pm for a trip down memory lane in the mid 70’s to the late 80’s, playing the songs that you would pay only $5-00 to see. Unheard of in these days of one hundred and two hundred dollar concert tickets……
Dale Smith brings you ‘Great Aussie Pub Rock’, here on Coast FM 963, every second Wednesday evening from 8-00pm

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