Fan Club

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Every second Thursday night at 10.00PM, Ken Yates opens the doors of THE FANCLUB, a place where all fans of POP music can meet. Ken is a music fan, and he has a huge archive of CD’s and records (Yes, RECORDS!!!) that he is happy to share with other music fans. You’ll hear artists old and new at THE FANCLUB: from The Beatles to Tame Impala, from Joni Mitchell to Lisa Mitchell, and anything else in between that is great rock or pop.

After 11.00PM there’s the 2nd Hour Feature, which may be a seriously researched selection of significant recordings from a particular year or artist, but it’s more likely to be a bunch of cool songs linked by some kind of silly theme. Recent features have included songs about running, scientific records, and B-sides of big hit records.


There’s a facebook page too. Just look for ‘The Fanclub on COAST-FM963’ and you can check out playlists and other cool stuff.

So come and join THE FANCLUB. It’s free and it’s fun. Every second Thursday night, right after Baby Boomers.